HAfunland : New latest attractions!!!

Howdy all:) Jodi and I are really looking forward to seeing every one again!!! We have added two new attractions: > Mystery Mine: Mystery Mine shows nature and physics gone absolutely berserk. The unexplainable and supernatural Mystery Mine will reveal strange phenomena like wall-walking, body-shrinking, a mine car going uphill defying gravity, the original miners mysterious departure into […]

 Haunted Halloween: Oct 28th Sat >>> 2nd Annual Bad Z Grade Film Festival (free)

 Haunted Halloween: Oct 28th Sat >>> 2nd Annual Bad Z Grade Film Festival (FREE admission to film fest and HAfunland) 2nd Annual Bad Z film Festival Sat: October 28th > films start at noon: COME IN COSTUME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DISCLAIMER!!! You have been warned!!!! These are some of the worst horror films ever made!!!!!!!!!! Well happy days […]

Giant Puppet Show: “Old Turtles World Tour” Sat Aug 26th at 4 pm

                             Mask and  Giant Puppet Theatre Show   2nd Annual Event                                      The Iroquois people have a myth that the earth was formed on the back of a Turtle… But Turtle’s shell is broken and scattered to the four corners of the earth! He goes on a journey seeking to find what is missing… but will those […]