Sorry No Strongman Competition

Good morning all:)

Well it is certainly a beautiful sunny morning! We are sorry to have to cancel the 4th Annual Strongman Competition for several reasons:

  1. We have not received any firm commitments after emailing former Strongmen multiple times over the last month.
  2.  I have a bulged spinal  disc and I’m on the mend. Unfortunately I have fallen way behind in my responsibilities with HAfunland along with our other business Jeff and Jodi Progressive Builders.
  3. Charles Schimmel who did an excellent job last year is not available to referee this year.

Thank you one and all for your fine support of the Strongmen and for all the Strongmen for giving it all at the former competitions. Also thank you Charles Schimmel for refereeing last year. Wishing every one a fun summer and hope to see us at HAfunland this season. We open Sat June 4th. Cheers:)

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