Brains, Balls and Flying Saucers “TriathLOON“ Sat July 23rd


Brains, Balls and Flying Saucers “TriathLOON“ Sat  July 23rd

Fun starts at NOON 🙂


8383 Gallagher Rd., Hammondsport

Loons on Keuka Lake or loons at Harvest and Artists Market? Are you a bit confused? What exactly are we talking about? A triathLOON where

the brains is a chess tournament,

the balls a ping pong tournament and

the flying saucers a Frisbee golf tournament.

All combined into a smashingly unique one of a kind event. If you’re a bit odd, eccentric, half bubble of plumb, right brainer, left brainer, a black sheep, round peg square hole, not a lemming, free thinker, not in the matrix, your Mom told you to fly straight, your Dad told you to get with it, school was too boring, you day dream about what this world could and should be, etc… Well you finally found your place in the world amongst fellow unusual individuals. Loonys!! Happy loonys which are the BEST kind!

FREE TO ENTER and you can compete in all 3 events or just 2. Scoring will be based on your top scores from 2 of the events. You don’t have to enter all three events. But this is where it gets very difficult to reason out, you MUST ENTER TWO EVENTS and finally make your Mom proud of you! Questions or to pre-register please email or just be here by 11:45 on Saturday, July 23th. Event starts at noon. Meet at the wood fired pizza counter and all ages can enter. Please bring your unfiltered unadulterated self to the event. Just how our we going to run and score this event???? Well we need your help figuring it all out. No event can take too long so one minute per chess move. There is a modified Frisbee golf course with 4 holes and 8 circles to throw through. Perhaps just once around that course. We are open to suggestions to keep it fun and moving along.

Very very expensive plastic trophies will be awarded to fellow Earthlings!

HAfunland is located at 8383 Gallagher Rd., Hammondsport. Directions at

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