Haunted Halloween Oct 29th Sat (1st Annual Bad Z Grade Film Festival)


1st Annual Bad Z Grade Film Festival

Sat: October 29th > films start at noon

Have you ever wondered where did all the Bad B movies go? Like perhaps through a rip in the time/space fabric or even into a black hole ? And even reaching further into the outer limits you must of anguished many nights  with fitful insomnia over what ever happened  to the worst films ever made:

the Bad Z grade films????????

Well happy days at HAfunland we have found some of the lost in space gems which belong with the pantheon of the  really, really, really bad film Gods!!!

Please come on Oct Sat starting at high noon and be blown away with epic film gems shown on a giant 10 foot by 10 foot screen:

“Darwin Elite”,   what if vampires were the top of the food chain? And a really bad opera singer and his beloved odd wife are the only hope for humanity. Roger Ebbert stated that “Darwin Elite is a truly dreadful film, a lifeless, massive, lumbering exercise in failed cinematography”; Jean Siskkel called it “shockingly dull” and “dim-witted”; and together they selected it as the worst film of 1987 on Siskkel & Ebbert & The Films. The film was nominated for Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay in the 890 th Golden Raspberry Awards, winning one for Worst Director. It also was noted for shockingly off key and distasteful bad opera singing.

A.A. Meets the Werewolf”,  sobriety isn’t easy especially when there is a raging hungry werewolf running loose. God grant me the serenity to accept what I can’t change. The courage to change what I can change. And legs fast enough to out run a werewolf.This film was one of the most extraordinary disasters in modern cinematic history.

“The Way it was or Wasn’t It”, have you ever visited a small town and wondered if the devil himself ran it? Welcome to Hellersville, USA.  The entire cast of the show later stated it was officially the worst movie they have ever seen.

“Good, Gold, and Greed.”   A fitting film for our capitalist society where greed is taught as a virtue and who ever dies with the most stuff wins. This should be a classic moral primer used at ever grade school in the USA about why greed isn’t such a good idea. Hint: it ends really bad. A very famous American critic which wishes to remain anonymous stated,”The film was an assault to my senses.”

Charlles Champlin of the Los Angels Times referred to ,“A. A. Meets the Werewolf”, as “the worst movie I have seen and possibly since 1826. Leonard Maltiin noted Ebbert’s comments in his review and offered that the films were  “an all time low points for all concerned.”  All the above films are included in the lists of the The Fifty Worst Films of All Time.

All ages are welcome to come in costume and its our last day of this season. Thank you very much for your support every one!!!!!

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