Halloween Harvest: Horror can be FUN!!!

Come join the FUN at Halloween Harvest as vendors and guests dress up in costume!  October 20, Sat 10-4:30 pm

Shake hands with the, “Invisible Man”, and feel your skin crawl in fear!!!!


Or perhaps go on a “Haunted Hayride at 2 or 4 pm. Boooo!!!!!  You might even meet chainsaw yielding Zoombies!!! Yikes!!!!

Ladies you thought your husband or boy friend was hairy, wait till you meet “The Wolf Man!!!” His breath ain’t so bad either!!!



or perhaps watch chain saw artist extrodinaire Kevin Black make a masterpiece from a hunk of wood.

Maybe you always wanted to tell “Count Dracula”, to go buzz off and go suck an egg!










Or perhaps watch Benji Carr from Iron Sculpt & Func (www.isfmetal.com) smash bend and work it to the nines making metal masterpieces!!!

Ladies do you feel like you’re married to Frankenstein?

Guys do you feel you’re married to Bride of Frankenstein?

Escape to Halloween Harvest for the day with no forwarding address!!!

Or perhaps come and see Kylie and Benji’s amazing tractor loom. Yes you heard me right, a tractor that is also a loom!! You just got to see it to believe it!!!!!!!!


Does life have you wound up and tied in a knot?????

Escape to Halloween Harvest for the day and be FREE!!!!


And come watch a master metal worker Tony Moretti as he goes to town like a wizard shaping pieces out of iron.

Maybe you just always felt Frankenstein was a mis-understood guy who needed a good kiss on the kisser!!! Here’s your chance!!!



Or maybe get your face painted and become someone else?

So please come and enjoy the day at Halloween Harvest !!! See yassss!!!




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