2013 StrongMan Competition: Muscles, moaning, and sweat!!!! (June15th Sat 1:30-4)

strongman5 Muscle and sweat will be turned loose at Harvest and Artist’s Market on June 15th Sat from 1:30 till 4. strongman7 Now what exactly are these macho dudes going to do up at the farm? Remember the Rocky movie when Rocky trained in USSR, using logs, boulders, etc… to train? Well how about these: (Note: We will try to get all the weights on the BIG toys being used this year and post here by Wed June 12th. This is our first whirl at this and we are learning as we go. Note: Brian Allen a Strongman contestant and very nice guy, kindly came to our market on Sunday with his wonderful family (lucky guy) and schooled me on some pointers. Thanks Brian!

1.Doing  the Crucifix with two tires holding it out as long as they can! (Two different set of tire sizes which are P235/75/R15= 24 pounds///   P225/60/R15= 20 pounds

2. 1957 Willy’s truck pull. Pull that sucker as far as you can within a certain time period.

3. Ash Firewood throw: Throw a chunk of firewood over your head as far as you freaking can!!! (  30 pounder)

4. 100 pounder Giant dumbbell press: (Compliments of Todd and Mark Bennett from Bennett’s We Buy Wrecks: 1-800-724-0770) Big arssss  axle dumbbell with 4 tires and rims.  Mark Bennett welded the giant dumbbell together and will not compete this year however since, ” he is a lover not a fighter!” LOL

5. Austrian ash log carry: Carry two big ash logs (One weighs 115 pounds and the other 145 pounds) as fast as you can!

6. Monster tire flip:  Compliments of Todd and Mark Bennett from Bennett’s Auto Parts: 1-800-724-0770

7. Farmer milk jug run: 3 large milk jugs will be filled with sand/gravel and each Strongman will carry the 75 pounder first running 100 feet to the next heavier one, the 125 pounder. Then running with that one 100 feet to get the heaviest jug, the 175 pounder!!! Then  running back with that one the final grueling 100 feet!!!    IT WILL POUND THEM!!!

NOTE: This event is being made so much better by Todd and Mark Bennett of Bennett’s Auto Parts outside Bath, NY. Todd  and Mark Bennett are great guys and Todd is also a weight lifter and  tough sucker and will provide some really Big Toys for some Big boys!!! Thanks Todd and Mark !!!! strongman3 AND BY THE WAY NO WIMPS NEED APPLY AND YOU MUST SHOW PROOF THAT YOU’RE AT LEAST 18. And here is the surprise, the ladies have been extremely interested in the event. Never saw that one coming. Expected it to be a guy type of thing. However thus far we have had more interest from the ladies  to watch the event than the men. Wow! To enter please contact us at: HarvestandArtists@hotmail.com or 607-382-9598 There will be FREE  wood fired pizza and a drink for all contestants. And there are three trophies for first, second, and third prize WINNERS!!!


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