Growing Leaps and Bounds

Hey there, we’re open and growing fast here at Harvest and Artists Market.  New vendors are entering our ever growing family of local farmers and artisans.  We have a building full of locally made creations (baked goods, produce, wood fired pizza, eggs, grass fed/free range beef, pork and chicken, quilts, maple syrup, soap, tea, coffee, jewelry, paintings, stained glass, wood crafts, candles, …).

We had a very successful grand opening several weeks ago with approximately 1,000 guests coming to visit us.  There were hayrides through our chemical free farm and tours of our off grid cargo farmstead and a look at our previous off grid straw bale homestead with its windmill.  Some pour folks got caught in a down pour on the hay wagon — luckily they loved it.  Ralph Missell served lots of Zweigles hot dogs, hamburgs and mouth watering BBQ chicken.

Many guests said they loved the market atmosphere, the warm friendly vendors, and our homemade wood fired pizza.  The folks didn’t mind eating Italian pizza baked by a half Polish guy 🙂

Please check us out.  You’ll have lots of fun and no regrets.

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