Harvest & Artists Market’s Talent Show: Sat Oct 5th 11am-1pm

talentshow10Calling all singers, rappers, dancers, poets, and visual arts including singing  dogs!talentshow9Bring your act and knock their socks off!talentshow13Live your dream and perform or be amazed by the talent and cheer in delight!talentshow6Yeah even dogs with tricks are WELCOME!!!!!!

talentshow8Come enjoy and catch them free today because tomorrow you could be saying I saw them at Harvest and Artists Market back in the day!!!

4 comments on “Harvest & Artists Market’s Talent Show: Sat Oct 5th 11am-1pm

    1. The Talent Show starts at 11am and goes til 1:00. There will be a variety of talents all mixed together. Would you like to perform?

  1. I would like to perform and/or accompany another performer. I play acoustic guitar and electric bass and sing. Country music and blues. Will a sound system be available?

    1. Hi, We have 2 speakers and there is room for 3 inputs on top of our microphone on our amplifier control unit?? Sorry I don’t know the correct terms. Hope you can make it. We’d love to hear you perform. You can contact me, Jodi, at the Wood Fired Pizza counter at the front porch of the main building.

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