Ice house scream cream cave

ice house interior                  Ice House Creamery Cave

Hey who doesn’t like ice cream?  Especially home made with extra cream kind of makes you want to scream!

Well Harvest and Artists is again expanding and offering more of what you desire.

So we have been in the process of excavating for the ice cave with our ol Case 400 tractor with back hoe and me dressed in ‘bright prison orange’ suit!ice house backhoe

We then poured a cement slab with straw bale pieces inside the concrete to insulate the pad. We always strive to use natural local materials building as sustainable as house

Next we screwed poly pipe pieces inside the tire to give structural support and allow more easy access to shovel and pound soil into the house polypipe

Card board is place at the bottom inside of the tires in order to hold in the house cardboard

Then shovel in soil into the tires and sing chain gang house shovel

Tires are laid up like brick always alternating the seams below. Half tires are cut with a sawzall and bolted onto the full tire next to it. Lag bolts are used to connect tires to the tire below and the tire next to house tires

Sweet Pea Jodi saves best clays from our farm for future pizza house Jodi

Making a recycled tire wall cave is very serious business!ice house Jeff ham

Here is the inside of the cave with recycled cargo container metal roofing from cut outs for doors inside our big market house interior

And the outside of the cave short of the homemade insulated  oak house done

Water will be frozen in trays 2 inches thick and stock piled I the cave during the coldest time of the winter to be used in the summer to make scream cream!

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