2014 New exciting season at Harvest and Artists Market

2014:   Expanding and exciting at the market!!!

             Thank you one and all guests for attending or participating as a vendor/consignee during our previous two seasons in NY’s greenest and most sustainable market! Well we are excited to enter our third season and are again expanding the market!

            We are adding a new building which is located between the main market building and the wood fired bakery.

           We have added an ice cave to the market (Please see previous blog) and our excited to offer home made very, very thick creamy ice cream. The ice cave is used to freeze the ice during the coldest times of winter at our farm and will use that ice this summer to make ol fashion ice cream. Solar powered energy will spin the ice cream making machine and thus sustainably made ice cream. NOTE:   Haven’t found any ice cream any where in USA which will be this green and sustainable and that makes us really proud indeed!!!

       A new trellis will be part of the market experience which is next to the front porch of the getting-to-be-famous west side of Keuka Lake wood fired pizza front porch. (Wow that is a mouthful to say!) Jodi and I are also rebuilding the outside pizza oven making it larger and sculpting it from farm clay into another dragon. Harvest and Artists is the only place in NY state were you can see three wood fired earth ovens!!! An inside large dragon/castle oven , a large sculpted fish shaped baking oven, and additionally an outside dragon sculpted oven!

          This season there will be 6 BIG special events:

June 21st, Saturday 11-12 and 1:30-3Strongman and Strongwoman Competition

July 26th, Saturday  11-3  Chess Tournament

August 30th, Saturday 11-4Farm Day

September 13th, Saturday 11-4  Green Feet Day

Sept 27th Saturday 1:30-4  Talent Show

Oct 25th Saturday 11-4 Halloween Harvest :   free hay rides through the evil black forest>>> 2-4

     You know it is a learning experience for Jodi and I as we try to figure out what the guests want as far as days and hours when we are open. So we are making the following changes to our hours: May through October  all Saturdays: 11 am – 4 pm  ; in addition for the months of July and August we are open Fridays  and Saturdays 11 am – 4 pm and Sundays 12 – 3 pm.  We are seeking new vendors/consignees so please feel free to give us a howler! We are easy to reach at: harvestandartists@hotmail.com    Thanks!

See ya all at the market:)

Jeff and Jodi

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