A nice, natural and neighborly market:)

Community market>local friendly and sustainable

                     The family of vendors at Harvest and Artists Market is made of  friendly open minded folks producing local made and grown products. We are not a sterile mall selling Chinese made products and people not profits come first here! This is our third season at the market and we are all striving to improve products and service. We Jeff and Jodi as the owners try to walk their talk in regards to trying to produce a better world through a community market, sustainability, and our film company (Jeff and Jodi Films which has produced three films which support protecting people and the environment.)  The market, as some call it, was built almost exclusively with solar power. We converted an old jet ski trailer into a work trailer with 12 deep cycle golf cart batteries, solar panel, planer, table saw, and jointer. Striving for sustainability we built the market and our homestead  which is back towards the woods out of recycled cargo containers. All the lumber was  band sawn from trees from  our woods,  many being from storm dropped trees. And we have several more  new sustainable features at the market: An ice cave made of discarded car and truck tires in which we freeze ice in the winter storing it to make ol fashion extra creamy ice cream. Also, the market is off-grid with solar panels and a 25 Kilowatt generator.  We’re working at using an ol Mercedes Benz motor converted to running and burning recycled vegetable oil as well as diesel to power the generator.  The Mercedes is a 5 cylinder turbo diesel and the same engine made world famous as the million mile engine used in most of the world’s taxis.

  Well, its a very exciting up and coming season with 6 BIG EVENTS:

June 21st, Saturday 11-12 and 1:30-3Strongman and Strongwoman Competition (Giant titan super heroes still exist!!!)

July 26th, Saturday  11-3  Chess Tournament ( The games will be played on a gigantic chess board with 4 foot high chess pieces carved out of wood from our woods like they do in Austria and yeah Nerds kick butt toooo!!!)

August 30th, Saturday 11-4Farm Day (everything chemical free gardening and farming)

September 13th, Saturday 11-4  Green Feet Day (Sustainabilty is highlighted with guest speakers, tour of the off-grid market and homestead, etc…)

Sept 27th Saturday 1:30-4   2nd Annual Talent Show (American Idol? well how about Keuka Lake Idol which will be even better then last year’s hit event and hosted by Billie Bauman!!!)

Oct 25th Saturday 11-4 Halloween Harvest :   free hay rides through the evil black forest>>> 2-4 (Not responsible for scared folks crapping their pants)


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