Farm Days Fun is coming!!!!! Friday Aug 24th and Saturday Aug 25th

Hay rides are FUN!!!
Hey there folks come on up to our farm/craft market and join in two days of fun!!!
There will be tons of fun going on like:
1. Hayrides through a chemical free farm and tours of an offgrid cargo homestead.
2. Face painting.
3. Kite making.
Still sweet hearts
 4.   Eric Edwards  speaking on sustainable, transparent, diverse farming for healthy soil, plants, animals, and people. (Speaks on Friday  Aug 24th at 11 am and Saturday Aug 25th at 10 am.)

About Sugar-Haven Farms (From their website)

My great-grandfather first moved to this farm in 1919.  Through the years we have been potato farmers, bean farmers, dairy farmers, and beef farmers.  The farm is made up of 398 acres – 215 acres are tillable the rest is wooded.  Great grandpa started making maple syrup in 1919 and we have not missed a year since.  Right now there are beef cows, pigs, broiler chickens, and egg laying chickens on the farm.  The farm is located in the southwest corner of Steuben County in the town of Rexville, NY.

How Our Farm Is Special

The cows are pastured in the summer and rotated into fresh paddocks of grass daily.  They are considered salad bar beef.  The broilers are in the brooder for two weeks until they develop some feathers and then they are moved outside to 12′ x 10′ pens.  The pens are moved daily to allow the broilers to eat grass, bugs, flies, and other insects. This is called pasture poultry.  The egg layers are housed in a mobile chicken coop called the “Eggmobile”.  The chickens follow three days behind the cows in the daily rotation.  They eat grass, insects, and sift through the cow patties for fly larvae.  We wait three days because fly larvae hatch on the fourth day.  The egg layers provide sanitation as well as eggs.  The pigs are kept outside in woods in paddocks.  They get rotated about every ten days.  They eat their usual feed, roots, whole corn, and whatever else they may rut up.

The “Eggmobile”?

At Sugar-Haven farms we rotate the Eggmobile daily to a spot that the cows grazed 3-4 days previously.   The hens stay in the Eggmobile at night, protected from predators. During the day, the Eggmobile is opened and the hens march out and immediately start sifting through the three day old cow patties looking for high protein fly larvae and eat grass shoots that have started to grow.  The chickens have a very busy life and do not have time to become susceptible to all the problems that the confinement institutions have.  The hens are NOT fed antibiotics at any time or given hormones.  Sunlight, green grass, and clean air along with an all natural crumble is all Sugar-Haven hens need to have a great life.

The hens of course kindly deposit prodigious amounts of fertilizer on our pasture, and help the cows reduce/eliminate parasites by foraging the larvae and insects that bother the cows. This provides protein for the hens and earns them praise from the cows.

The foraging helps the hens to produce tremendous eggs with an “orang-ish” yolk and a white that will stand up in the pan instead of running around the pan like industrial confinement eggs. This is owed to the beta carotene that the grass provides to the eggs.  In fact, eggs laid by hens foraging on pasture have shown:

  • 1⁄3 less cholesterol
  • 1⁄4 less saturated fat
  • 2⁄3 more vitamin A
  • 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
  • 3 times more vitamin E
  • 7 times more beta carotene

5. Derek Grassman speaks about his latest invention: an internationally patented vertical axis wind turbine on Friday Aug 24th at 1 pm and Sat Aug 25th at 11 am.

Derek will show photos and exhibit a small model of his creation and tell of his business travels in China and India.


Kohilo is a lightweight vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) that is challenging the clean energy industry. Its amazing performance, versatile installation options, and incredible R.O.I. (return on investment) will create the first clean energy retirement plan. Kohilo has an advanced hybrid blade system, which utilizes the positive features of both lift and drag based blade systems. Kohilo was designed to be a long term solution utilizing performance, versatility, and reliability.

Power Generation

The revolutionary design of this turbine gives extreme advantages in efficiency, reliability, and energy production. Kohilo turbines operate and create energy in a much wider wind speed range than traditional turbines. Kohilo turbines begin energy production in 3mph wind and maintains energy production up to 100mph wind, this gives Kohilo a much higher energy yield and faster return on investment for our clients.


Kohilo averages about one fourth of the weight of its competitor’s products, giving Kohilo the ability of being mounted on the roof of a home or business, without traditional towers or ballast mount systems. While the blade design over comes the obstacles of turbulent wind compounding its low altitude roof top mount abilities and overall performance.


Kohilo is designed for long term reliability. Kohilo employs a magnetic bearing system to eliminate the friction on its 3 mechanical bearings greatly extending the life of the machine.

6.Susan Wake:  speaks about the year there was no summer, the westward migration of America, and how it begain in Steuben County.  (Speaks Sat at 2 pm)




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