Green Feet Day >>> Sat , Sept 13th, 11-4

greenWhat is Green Feet Day you may ask???

Well it isn’t honoring athletes foot! Hahaaa  Sorry for the bad joke.

It is all about sustainability, self reliance, and natural health. It’s all about going green and making your own way.

So here is the lineup of speakers:

> Speaking  at 1 pm for 10 minutes with a Q&A to follow  will be Peter Gamba discussing  his solar energy used at his home in Branchport, NY
Retired engineer/manager, Bell Labs, IBM, and  Lockheed Martin

Mr. Peter Gamba earned his BSEE from the University of Buffalo and MS in  Operations Research from  NYU in  1972.He has worked at Bell Telephone Laboratories, IBM and Lockheed Martin. The areas he addressed included aerospace, defense and various commercial manufacturing projects. Since his retirement he has taught engineering at Binghamton University and tutored physics at Broome County Community College , served on non-profit boards and has studied environmental challenges at Finger Lakes Community College. He is a founding member of the Committee to Preserve the Finger Lakes, which is dedicated to  preserving the natural beauty and purity of the water of the Finger Lakes region in New York State.  Currently the committee is involved in educating the community about the natural gas drilling processes  and renewable energy opportunities in the Finger Lakes.

> Speaking at 1:45pm for 10 to 15 minutes followed by Q&A  will be Angela Galligan, LMT discussing reflexology and massage therapy.

>Speaking a 2:15 pm will be Jeff Andrysick Sustainable Builder, developer of Harvest and Artists Market, and documentary filmmaker. My husband will use a hayride format highlighting structures we designed and built together on this mountain top. Straw bale and cargo container construction, wind turbine and solar energy, passive and active solar heating, and off grid living.

> Speaking at 3:15 pm will be Dave Morris Sr., “Little Dave Morris”, Danny Morris, and “Tommy Gun Morris” discussing  running diesel vehicles from trucks to cars on recycled vegetable oil. They will bring one of their fleet of vehicles they drive on all vegetable oil at the dismay of Exxon Mobil. David Morris has been a mechanic since childhood when he was pulled over by the police at the tender age of 13 doing 50 mph in a 35 mph area on a lawn mower  he souped up.

So please come learn and have fun!!!!





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