FREE for VENDORS: You can’t give anything away :)

I heard lots of words of wisdom over the years but one thing my Dad said really stuck with me and that is, “You can’t give anything away.”  What ever you put into this world in time will come back to you. If you’re kind it will come back and if you’re overly selfish it will also come back to you.

So here is the deal: VENDORS FREE for 2015!  Jodi and I are way too busy to attract all the vendors we need this season. We are feverishly adding ideas the creative genius Brett Steeves has kindly given to us at no charge. We are very grateful for that! Many new attractions coming to the market like a 11 foot T Rex which follows you with his head when you walk by. And an optical illusion room which will throw you for a loop testing your equilibrium. Along with a hall of optical illusions, walk through recycled tire maze and many other ideas. So we have decided  this years rent for vendors will be FREE. Fortunately Jodi and I have gotten plenty of contracting work to pay the bills. So for this year we will give this a whirl.

Skeptics may say, “ Yeah that mumbo jumbo sounds good but does it work?” Perhaps a case in point. Jodi and I spent 2 years going all over the state showing our three documentaries on the negative impacts of fracking. ( We spent our life savings doing that. And this year a very wealthy industrialist/philanthropist has become our friend and is giving us all the money we need  to go to India to start a one room country school house for poor Untouchable kids. He has funded us for one year and our school will be called Ever Better Academy. We will rent a building there and provide mats and a chalk board along with a teacher. We will be going over for 2 months to set the school up this coming winter. Who would have thought from spending all our money and time that we would ever meet a very kind gentleman who gives to this world so much and does it quietly.

This year we offer free rent however we need to be able to make a profit with this business eventually and since most businesses don’t make a profit until the 5th year and this is our 4th season. We really hope to make a small profit in our 5th season and promise the community we will keep improving the much needed community-building friendly market on the west side of the lake.

Have a good day 🙂
Jeff and Jodi

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