2015 Strongman: Pantheon of the Gods

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2015 Strongman: Pantheon of the Gods

Harvest and Artists Market was a buzz this Saturday with 11 contestants and one cute baby bull dog named Dozer for┬áthe mascot. Muscles bulged and strained as guys gave it all for glory and three plastic trophies. But it wasn’t about the trophies it was about being your best and encouraging the other men you competed with. Sportsmanship was in peak form as usual! You’ll hardly find any better sportsmanship anywhere! Contestants came from around the area: Aric Pietsch, Avoca; Bryant Pietsch, Bath; Gage Volkes, Burdett; Casey Deming, Bath; Cameron Schimmel, Prattsburgh; Charles Schimmel Jr., Prattsburgh; Mark McGurk, Ithaca; Kevin Tran, Ithaca; Dan Agnese, Dryden; Bryan Allen, Elmira; and Tim Wilson, Savona. The oldest contestant Tim Wilson bravely competed at age 46 and amazed the crowds!

First prize went to Aric Pietsch.

Second prize to Bryant Pietsch.

Third prize to Gage Volkes.

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Aric and Bryant are hard to beat and won last year. Their mother was there and proud as can be. Contestants competed in various strenuous activities starting with pushing an old 1957 Willys truck, sprinting while dragging a heavy chain, and heaving a huge oak wood chunk overhead. Then they splashed sweat about with a monster truck tire flip. And just when their muscles burned they had to compete in a milk jug run starting with 75 pounds and graduating up to 175 pounds. Folks came to watch from as far away as Canada. Next year the Strongman Competition will be held on the second Saturday in June – so start training if you dare!

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