July/ August Open Fridays along with Saturdays:)


Triple your FUN!!!!!

For the month of July and August we are open Fridays and Saturdays 11-4. And there is soooo much to do and lots of it is FREE!!!! Like walk into the gravity defying room which blows your mind and if you’re nuts you become normal and if you’re normal you become nuts! Hahaha! Take a walk on our nature trail with 4 exercise stations. Have an 11 foot tall T Rex chase you. Walk along the wall of illusions! Or play ping pong or checkers or chess (on an outside 8 foot by 8 foot board).

Come and eat baked goodies from America’s 1st solar bakery. Or have a Keuka Kream ice cream boat which is America’s 1st solar churned ice cream.  Slow churned and EXTRA CREAMY!!!. We only sell what is freshly churned that day. Just like the French freshness is paramount! Or eat Keuka Lake’s famous wood fired pizza and relax on the front porch with others.

Nice, natural and neighborly and more than just shopping:) With vendors who never bite:)





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