Friends and love: the essence of life


Hello one and all and this wraps up another season at the market. Over the past 4 years we have greatly appreciated all our guests and especially the “regulars.” Like Godfather and Godmother for example, my fine 80 year young Dad and his 4o year young  girlfriend Nancy. Hahahahaha  Along with others who have worked to make this place so unique. Brad and Jenn Gleason who taught us how to make what folks say is the best pizza on the lake and helped us build our first pizza oven. The “Morris Gang” who engineered a 5 cylinder Mercedes diesel which runs our 25 Kw off grid generator and only uses .45 gallon/hr veggie oil to do it! “Hippy Mike” who can always be found at the bakery and shows up even after his throat surgery with a loving attitude toward everyone. Kathy Burns who always brings a hardy laugh and Irish smile. Lori Lemmon our solar/wood fired baker who is so kind and listens to every one. Ralph and Anne Wilber who “LOVE” our pizza and support our market with heart and soul. Anne makes pillow case dresses and donates them to Haiti. Tim, Cindy, Alex, and Hannah Hubbard who built a $400 Pumpkin Cannon and provided free pumpkins for the Halloween Harvest event.  Engineer Dave from TV, Tammy, and Ray Wagner who are our straw bale homestead great friends! Dave and Roxanne McMillan who gave us his old classic Troy tiller for our farm. Tom and Cindy Kwiatkowski family who eat a whole lot of pizza. Dr. Mike and Lynn who are really cool folks! Ivan and Kae and family who are fun to be around!

Thank you everyone who support our goal to go to India this winter to establish, “Ever Better Academy.” Thanks to Dutch donating $8,000 we will start a country school for the untouchable Dalit kids some of the poorest children in the world.

And when we return we surprise every one with our new theme and name for the market.

                                                           funlandHappy holidays and see ya in June!!!!

All the BEST:)

Jeff and Jodi

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