Happy New Year:)



Day: 7 Happy New Year!!!

Lots of quarter sticks, M 80s , etc… brought in the New Year here. The locals get drunk on raw sugar turned into moonshine. Alcoholism is unfortunately rampant amonst the working class. Delhi rich come here to celebrate and are here in throngs. Very friendly intelligent folks with better English than I. It will be their world in the future. They are lean, in great shape, and warm. Many with high degrees. The forges of evolution with many people competing for limited resources has made for strong constitutions and intelligence. Junk food and excess weight is uncommon. Quality natural foods which are tasty are every where. Haven’t seen a McDonalds which is lucky for them. We are on a restrictive diet and after drinking sooooo much medicated ghee I don’t want to eat much and have become a CHAMPION BELCHER!!! Belching is a fine art only gained through plenty of practice.

So many of you are wondering what is Panchakarma (5 paths to wellness). Well we are not in a backward cave with a mystical healer dosing us with potions. Hahaaha The clinic is called Aurveda House: http://www.himalayanayurveda.com/ . Very warm competent MDs and staff! We really like all the staff and have become fast freinds. So just what in the heck is Panchakarma: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=er1D9o7K3ws.

90% of Indians unfortunately are poor. Most folks have limited clothing and we haven’t seen a Thrift store yet. So folks make their own clothes or buy store bought clothes new. Rich are supposed to give their 2nd hand to others less fortunate. Ravi and Malti are our wonderful technicians. We will take them into town this weekend to buy them more warm clothes which will make a big differnce for them.

NOTE!!! Jodi and I are covering ALL the costs of our treatment, transportation while in India, housing, and food. The money given us to start the school is going to the school.


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