Cleaning out the ol pipes:)




Why are we first detoxifying and rejuvinating and not vigorously establishing the school? One, we are in culture shock. Two, we didn’t know anyone here. Three, we are beat since the last time we had a vacation was in 1990 for three weeks. Ever since then we have worked normally 6 days a week all year long. And since opening the market for the last 5 years, 7 days a week for 6 months out of the year contracting lake jobs and running the market and for the other 6 months doing hard labor construction and improving the market. So our bodies and spirits came here worn down. We will do panchakarma for 4 weeks and have been making plenty of good contacts. Always telling folks who look like they are kind and intelligent what are purpose is. Many are wondefful people from Delhi. We will meet with the Dali Lama folks soon. And have contacted Dalit Freedom Network whose website says it is building 10,000 schools here. We are waiting for a response from them. We have been filming lots for our two films we are making. One on Panchakarma and the other “Shadow into Light” about the school.

So what is in store for me today at the clinic? For some reason I’m not very excited about it? For I’m purgating, cleaning out the ol pipes. Fun 🙂 My body imbalance involves excess pitta (fire). My liver needs to be cleaned out and rebuilt. Our MD wanted to know if I abused alcohol or drugs for the shape it is in. No I earned it the ol fashion way through hard work. I didn’t get there partying.

Jodi has a vata imbalance (air) and her treatment today is massage, steam, and basti (enema). Her body is overly dry and the nervous system will be rebuilt through the process along with an amazing other results.

WARNING!!! Viewers be advised of nudity.







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