Old goat and young Jodi scaled the Triund:)

Day 26:

Well I looked like a hyperventilated ZOMBIE when I reached the top of the Triund.

Jodi was in great form.

And I didn’t even puke which some folks do getting to the top.

I’m the only grey haired Zombie that was up there and some of the young Indians climbing to the summit congratulated me for toughing it out. This country is full of young people and I’m the old allegedly wise one.

Today we check out two orphanage/schools.

Have a good day all:)

Jeff and Jodi

2 comments on “Old goat and young Jodi scaled the Triund:)

  1. Hello old goat and young Jodi,
    Your post are interesting. You certainly could write a book about them. But I think it would make a better movie.
    Look forward to how your quest is resolved.
    Until we post again,
    Your wise and venerable old brother goat.

    1. Hey wise older brother-in-law, Sorry for the LATE reply. Never enough time to get everything done on my ‘to do’ list. Younger goat is still healing up and dreaming of the days he hiked up the mountain.
      Love, Jodi

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