AWESOME D day we made beach landing and advanced past the Nazi hoard:)

Day 28:

We are below Palampur in Saliana Orphanage/School ¬†and the people are all WONDERFUL! We are safe in the countryside. So please don’t worry about us.

The kids are very needy and extremely nice!!!

We are happy and are purchasing supplies to paint their dining room and library. We’ll carry nearly 20 gallons of paint/supplies in backpacks on a transit bus.

We need to get them Wifi at the school for the students so they can start improving their English ¬†watching a software package and The Munsters, Little House on the Prairie, etc… So we had to go by bus 30 minutes into town to get internet. So please don’t worry and be patient for updates.

We want to expand their gardens with fencing and plant lots of fruit trees . Nature gives back much and it will give them increased nutrition. Along with a HUGE WISH LIST for the kids. There are around 30 orphans and around 15 mentally challenged kids.

Love every one:)

Jeff and Jodi

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