AWESOME kids and staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 30:

Well folks Jodi and I have died and went straight to heaven!!! All the kids here are totally loveable and its an absolute pleasure working to improve their lives!!! Haven’t felt this happy in well I don’t know how long. We start the day eating breakfast at 7 am with the kids. They get up at 4:45 and have all sorts of chores and studies. They are a very disciplined bunch of wonderful kids. We see them off to school walking them to the school and all we hear is laughter. We work during the day and can’t wait to go to school to fetch them all up. We went from zero  kids to over 50!!!!! How is that for an incredible story!

Here is a list of projects we showed to the AWESOME Rotary gentlemen of Palampur which have done miracles in this area. They built the orphanage/school for mentally challenged, and old folks home by raising funds and working themselves to the bone!! Nicest professional bunch of men we ever met. They are assisting us at ever turn!!! I’ve never heard of ANY Rotary which has and is doing as much as them in this whole area! All of them are this fine area’s most successful men. So here is the list we showed them at the Friday 6 to 7 pm meeting

Sand , patch, and paint dining room, library, kitchen, and other dining room for the special kids

Get internet at the school and three computers(Boys, girls, and special kids computer) And different learning software packages for the kids.

Build pizza earth oven so they can start making money selling wood fired pizza on Sundays

Enlarge gardens to twice capacity

Garden fences and safety fence for play yard

Buy whole bunch of toys which they are totally lacking NOTE: we bought a HUGE bag of peanuts like weighing 100 pounds and they were all totally grateful for that

Fix and hang broken windows (some kids are sleeping near windows which have the glass broken out and it get bloody cold at night here

Establish  fruit and nut farm trees

NOTE!!! Hire an English tutor for night classes!!! Computer skills and English are absolutely essential if they are to compete!!!

Buy a used chapatti machine since 6 kids lose one hour a day to study while making chapattis at 5 to 6 am

We got to go pick up ALL our kids!!!

Jeff and Jodi






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