Sand and fill library walls/ kid fun


The kids wake up at 4:45 am and do chores and study until eating breakfast at 7:15.

Then its off to school with the kids. We first walk the big kids then double back for the little kids. Once the precious cargo is delivered it’s off to work for us.

We started scraping, sanding and filling in holes in the library. All the buildings here are made out of brick, even interior walls. The buildings are pretty much earthquake resistant and are built to last for many centuries, They are also fire resistant. Indians are very smart in their use of natural materials in which will last and last. Their hardware hinges, plumbing fixtures, etc… are also very sturdy and meant to last. We are using extremely bright colors which the Indians have mastered for their architectural eye popping effect. We picked up the kids at school around 3. They come and have a light mid afternoon lunch and then do chores and study. Then at 5 to 6 they play. Then study from 6 until 7.  The kids eat at 7:15 pm after 15 minutes of spirited prayer singing and loud drum playing  in Hindi. Then they study until 8:30 pm. They watch TV from 8:30 until 9:30 then to bed. It’s a very disciplined life for them. Perhaps a bit much for kids have some what limited attention spans and have so much energy they want to use up.

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