We are being evicted from the orphanage on Monday for whistle blowing:(

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Well we have told the truth to the Rotary in Palampur and they are a wonderful bunch of guys. However we have been asked from those in high places to leave the orphanage on this Monday. We won’t leave however until we are given a letter stating why we are being asked to leave. All we have been doing is trying to love the kids and improve their lives. Reporting physical abuse by staff should not be a crime!!! Below is our letter to the Rotary Investigative Committee which is coming to the orphanage to ask questions to the abusers, staff, us (hopefully) , and some of the older kids here.

So here is our latest letter:

 Letter to the Rotary Investigative Committee: from Jeff and Jodi
Thank you for coming to Bal Ashram to investigate and make transparent the child abuse, the many neglect’s of the Warden’s duties and for this opportinity for Jodi and I to provide information to the investigative committee.
We came here from halfway around the world in order to help out an orphanage and show a bunch of needy kids some fatherly and motherly love along with improving their living conditions. We have attempted to do this task and have succeeded in some of our proposed improvements. However, we have been asked to leave Bal Ashram by noon on this Monday. We were first told by the Warden we could NOT install a safety fence. Then the Vice Chairman said we could install the fence and finally yesterday the Vice Chairman said we could install the fence as long as we could complete the task by noon on this Monday. Sorry to say we can’t do 5 to 7 days of work in a day and a half. We only wanted to put up the fence so none of the children would fall down the steep slope and get seriously hurt. Hopefully this doesn’t happen but if so then who is responsible?
Disipline is a must however it must be given by someone who loves the children. The Caretaker/Warden, husband and wife team, do not appear to love the children and the children are at times quite afraid of them. There is a good reason they put the word ‘care’ in caretaker. Care is the main responsibility of a caretaker. The children should know these people love them and care for them. The children will then know you love them and will accept disipline positively if you love them. On one occasion Jodi and I witnessed one of the older boys who is now in College hitting twice on the head the smallest boy in the dining hall for apparently not eating all his food. Mrs. Rukmani (the caretaker) clearly saw the two strikes to the child’s head and I rose to my feet and said,”What is going on? He just hit that child!” Denying that it happened she said, “No hit”, while having a very large smile. I asked again and she repeated, “No hit”, still with a huge smile. Isn’t the responsibilty of the Warden to make sure there is no child abuse? Cameras which have been installed are a good idea however abusers can easily abuse out of sight of the cameras.
Jodi and I would please ask for a letter asking us to leave and the reasons for such an eviction signed by the Chairman and Vice Chairman. We will have to explain ourselves to John Dutch Summers, Industrialist and Philanthropist who gave us our funding. There are still tasks we wanted to complete here which were mainly the result of the Warden’s neglect of duty. We replaced one exhaust fan in the kitchen already. The kitchen staff had complained to us that they were getting headaches when they were working. A likely cause for these headaches would be carbon monoxide poisoning from the open flame cooking with no exhausting of the CO. There are three more fans we have ordered to be installed. The mold has grown excessively in these bathroom areas needing fans which isn’t healthy for the children. COGNITIVE FUNCTION OF 6-YEAR OLD CHILDREN EXPOSED TO MOLD-CONTAMINATED HOMES IN EARLY POSTNATAL PERIOD. PROSPECTIVE BIRTH COHORT STUDY IN POLAND>>> The group of children who completed the 6-year follow-up consisted of 277 babies born at term. Out of the whole sample, 52 children (18.8 %) lived for shorter periods (<=2 years) and 15 (5.4%) for longer periods than 2 years in mold-contaminated homes. General characteristics of the study subgroups defined by the exposure levels of indoor molds did not differ significantly except for the cognitive function level achieved at age 6 (Table 1). Children who lived for longer periods in mold-contaminated dwellings scored about 10 points lower than those with no exposure.
We fixed many broken windows which had been neglected by the Warden and we can show you these. Children were sleeping, eating and studying throughout the winter with whole window frames and glass missing. We will also show you all the rooms we have painted. We wanted to paint all 5 of the children’s bedrooms since old toxic lead paint is falling right off the walls in all the 5 rooms.
By Mayo Clinic Staff Lead poisoning occurs when lead builds up in the body, often over a period of months or years. Even small amounts of lead can cause serious health problems. Children under the age of 6 are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning, which can severely affect mental and physical development. At very high levels, lead poisoning can be fatal.
We want to provide computers however we wonder if we are welcome here since we are being evicted? We also have promised to Sachin Solomon his salary for one year to teach the children English and computers along with giving them fatherly love. One of the sad parts of being evicted is that the kids really need our love and attention and I don’t think you could find one child who wants us to leave. The saintly couple who donated the land here and gave all of themselves to this instituion were a enormous asset to these kids here. They changed these children’s lives dramatically for the better! Their presence and love is painfully absent now. What the children need most is love! The Warden and Caretaker lack any signs of showing love to these fine children. They run this place with a feeling of a prison, all rules and no love. They are illiterate from what the Vice Chairman told us. With all the enormous numbers of intelligent Indians perhaps someone with some training/degree should have their positions and most of all with a loving heart.
Test scores are a result of many factors. The Warden and Caretaker are extremely resented by the children. We have witnessed them many times indiscriminantly punishing all the children for the infraction one or just several children made. The punishment is always sitting them in front of their books. Most of them daydream as a form of not accepting being treated with a prison mentality. Sitting kids in front of books should not be associated with punishment. Who would like to study after that negative influence?
Please post these findings for the public record. Thank you!
Respectfully Yours,
Jeff and Jodi Andrysick


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