No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Bal Ashram Affair: Saliana, India

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Well we are safe and sound living with our friend Sachin. Luckily we have made so many friends here. The Rotary Investigative Committee never showed up. Instead we were ushered in to see the General Secretary of the Palampur Rotary. We soon found out that he had absolutely no interest in protecting the children and asked us many questions trying to incriminate us. He asked if we took photos and footage of the children. I handed our statement which he had already been given  by one of the Rotary guys. He just threw it at me across the table and said with a mean tone, ” I read it already.” He sat with arms crossed much of the time and not overly friendly tone.  He said we shouldn’t have walked the kids to and from school. I asked him if it was wrong to give fatherly and motherly attention and love while walking with the kids. He said the Warden and Caretaker have been here for decades and won’t hit children. I asked him how he can be so sure of that. I asked him if he thinks  physical abuse is okay for maintaining discipline. We told him that the kids need discipline by someone who they know has their best interest at heart and loves them. We talked about the wonderful elderly couple which donated all the land for the orphanage/school and how they gave so much love to all the kids. The kids need discipline (not a Warden running a prison) and a caretaker who actually cares for the kids. Rules without love is a recipe for disaster.

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    1. Thanks Sara. The child abuse investigation is still on going. We’re hoping for a good outcome.
      🙂 Jeff and Jodi

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