Two schools we will help during this year in India

Hi everybody:)

Hope all is well in USA. We have hired an English and computer teacher named Sachin Solomon to educate at two Indian Government schools. At the one school we have added a safety fence for when we bought a soccer ball for the kids it went over a short wall. Well a bunch of boys jumped over that wall and then leaped down an 8 foot bank and rolled into the road. So the fence we installed for them doesn’t allow kids to jump over it and will stop most of the balls which would have went over it.

Still no new news on Bal Ashram orphanage. We won’t let up till the abusive staff at Bal Ashram in Saliana, India is removed! The kids there are some of the finest kids in the world and deserve being treated with love and not controlled by abusive fear. The Palampur Rotory needs to remove the abusive staff and the gentlemen from the Palampur Rotory are honorable men and will do the right thing in time.

Have a great day:)

Jeff and Jodi

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