We’re Green

Our Minimal-Impact Home and Market

Jodi and I as a husband and wife team have attempted to build sustainably by using recycled cargo containers and rough cut lumber from our farm woods. Much of the lumber was harvested from storm dropped trees.  All the buildings were constructed to use solar power as their primary energy source.  We re-purposed a jet ski trailer which one of the kind lake folks was discarding.  It became our mobile woodworking shop with 12 deep cycle batteries and solar panels on top of the trailer.  An inverter converts the energy from 24 volt DC to 110 volt AC.

batteriesWho says the sun doesn’t have enough juice?  All our farm and market buildings are OFF GRID, making their own energy from the sun.  Normally the market is run on just the battery bank and sun energy, however when we are open on market days our electrical demand is too high for the battery bank thus we use a 5 cylinder Mercedes Benz diesel motor from a local junk yard, powering a 25 Kilowatt generator.  We use discarded veggie oil and diesel blend to power it.  It sips fuel using only 0.45 gallons/hr.  Like our house, the main market building is made out of shipping cargo containers that once sailed the seven seas.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAcargo market 2And Jodi can drive nails, use circular saws, drills, planers, jointers, and tractors! I’m a very lucky man indeed!!!

Jodi working on the monster compost pile at the farm

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