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Jeff and Jodi builders

For over 36 years Jeff and Jodi have gladly worked together as a husband and wife building team, providing style with durability.  They started a fence company in their twenties and ran that for nearly 10 years until selling the company branching off into decks and sustainable earth freindly buildings.
In addition to traditional jobs like painting, decks, dock makeovers, roofing (metal or asphalt),bathrooms, electrical, plumbing,siding, fences, and tiny houses, They also do quite progressive projects like strawbale and cargo container construction, and off grid electric power. They appreciate very much the opportunity their valued customers give them and work hard to please their clients with well constructed long lasting stylish durability. Please give Jeff and Jodi a call at 607-382-9598 or (They also do open source documentary films to help make the world a little better)

About Jeff & Jodi Andrysick — Pulteney, NY

Jodi working on the monster compost pile at the farm

My wife Jodi and I love nature. We are both country raised and love the mountains and all the Finger Lakes especially Keuka Lake, the Crown Jewel of the Finger Lakes.

I came here as a child from outside Elmira, NY. My family had an old wooden boat and we had the best times of our lives on Keuka Lake.

Jodi was the southern Pennsylvania sweet peach I very luckily picked.

We decided to move to Pulteney 20 years ago from central PA where we practiced Naturopathic Medicine and lived in a post and beam home we sustainably built using straw bales for insulation. We cut the posts and beams with our own sawmill.

My Dad said that Pulteney residents have always been famous for being such nice folks. It’s true, people around here are really nice!

We built another straw bale homestead here on our farm in Pulteney. It is the white house behind the market with the really steep roof.  We drilled our water well and got the best tasting sweet pure water you can find anywhere and we use no chemicals on our 50 acre nut, fruit, and berry farm. Water is the next oil and we must protect it!

The power company told us they could run us electric power for $12,000 (plus they would throw in as a bonus a lifetime of electric bills). We decided for $6,000 we’d install ourselves a windmill on an old microwave tower and put in a battery bank.

The home was powered by electrons compliments of the steady hilltop winds. After living completely off grid for nearly 8 years we sold the straw bale homestead, the white house and windmill located behind the farm/craft market.

We sold the straw bale homestead and did a major long distance move 1000 feet east and built our next homestead. It had to be sustainable and in-expensive to build. So with our own labor and $29,000 we then built our next house  out of recycled cargo containers and rough cut lumber from storm dropped trees from our woods and recycled yard waste trees from folks back yards.

Our cargo home is also off grid generating juice from the sun.  It has an active solar heating component which pumps hot air under the concrete slab.


We operated the Pulteney Yard Recycling Center for 12 years, so if you own property in Pulteney feel free to drop by and deposit your leaves, branches, and grass clippings. We turn them into mulch to be used as fertilizer on our farm.

And we make documentary movies under the label Jeff and Jodi Films, our latest Natural Medical Detective which is a 10 part open source docu-series which reveals how I got into remission from cancer JUST using natural protocols.

Our next move was to build the greenest farm/craft market in NY State. Our largest building at the market is also made of recycled cargo containers and rough cut. It is off grid and sustainably built.

Polish Jeff serves wood fired Italian pizza

We expanded Harvest and Artist Market into HAfunland. A very creative business with an Anti-gravity room, Putt Putt Course, Ames Room, Funhouse, Vintage Arcade, ol fashion carnival games, Mystery Mine with gem sluice way, Hillbilly Henge (A recycled tire cousin of Stone Henge), Life size Operation Game, Horror Walk Through, Nature Trails with work out stations, Himalayan Cafe with wood fired pizza, ol fashion home made ice cream made from pedaling a bicylce to hurn it, Ping Pong tables, pool, foosball, and Noth East USA largest 1 inch glass marble run.

14 comments on “Jeff & Jodi Progressive Builders

  1. I was wondering how much your space is to sell items at your market? I am a quilter and am willing to sell some items at your market. Right now going back to work and it would be just Saturdays.’

    1. Hi Suzanne:)
      Jodi and I have built two quilt racks which we still need to hang from the ceiling. They are large quilt racks which could hang lots of quilts. Being that you can only be there on Saturday then perhaps being a consignment vendor would work for you. You would receive 70% of the item price when sold.
      Please feel free to stop in and see us. We would be glad to have you as a vendor.
      Soon our new Fall hours will be Fri/Sat 10-4:30 pm and Sun 11-2 pm, starting on Sept 14.
      Please feel free to drop by.
      Sincerely yours,
      Jeff and Jodi

  2. Hi Jeff and Jodi
    It sure has been a pleasure to meet both of you, In these time’s when everyone seem’s to be stresssed out and over worked, It always like a fresh breath of clean air to come across to wounderful people like you two. We enjoyed the pizza and coffee. You now have three, and maybe four new customers who will be enjoying it every Friday,

    Thank you
    Jim Delaney
    Point of the bluff Vineyard

    1. Hi our 4 amigos!
      We enjoyed meeting you. You too are quality people. We’re glad you are joining our community — it doesn’t hurt when the new neighbors make great wine too 🙂
      We always enjoy seeing you,
      Jeff and Jodi

  3. Can’t wait to stop by in Sept. Really can’t get over the way of life and the coolest relaxed feeling Janelle and I got simply driving in. By far the NICEST people, and if you dont get the pizza you’re making a big mistake. I wrote down the wrong email address; couldn’t find your contact.
    Like the insite, keep in touch.

    1. Glad you are enjoyed your vacation. We had fun talking with you. We have as much fun here meeting our guests and baking pizza in the wood fired pizza oven. See you in Sept and we’ll email you again! Have a super summer!!

  4. Hi Jodi and Jeff,
    So glad to see all that you have going on for this summer!
    We will definitely be visiting. We have a question on the vendor possibility so will email you soon..
    Juz’Timmy and Only Lynda

  5. Hey aunt and uncle you are helping our environment live thanks so much I love u so much can’t wait to see you.
    Christina andrysick

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